Benchmark for Anonymous Video Analytics

Welcome to the website of Benchmark for Anonymous Video Analytics for digital out-of-home audience measurement. Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) aims to enable real-time understanding of audiences exposed to digital out-of-home advertisements in order to estimate the reach and effectiveness of each advertisement.

AVA relies on localization algorithms to detect people and to enable the estimation of audience attributes, such as their demographics. The benchmark is composed of:

  • a set of performance scores specifically designed for audience measurement and an evaluation tool;
  • a novel fully-annotated dataset for digital out-of-home AVA;
  • open-source codes including localization, age, and gender estimation baseline algorithms and evaluation algorithms; and
  • benchmarking of the baseline algorithms and two commercial off-the-shelf solutions in real-world on-the-edge settings.

Annoymous video analytics framework

Dataset Code Benchmark

The benchmark considers localization, count, age, and gender as attributes for the analytics of the audience. The taxonomy is depicted in the figure below. AVA algorithms should ensure the preservation of the privacy of audience members by performing inferences and aggregating them directly on edge systems, without recording or streaming raw data.

Benchmark taxonomy

A person has Opportunity to See (OTS) the signage when their face is visible from its left profile to its right profile, and the person is not heading opposite to the location of the camera, as shown in the figure below.

Opportunity to see definition

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